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McDonald Farm Videos

My wife Maria shearing our sheep.  She averaged over 80 per day!

A short video composed by a happy customer.  Pretty amazing to think he took the time to do this!

Our sheep out on our amazing pasture!  360 degrees of sheep courtesy of McDonald Farm!

This is just cute!  No redeeming value what-so-ever.  Just plain cute.  Period.

Moving our sheep in to sort them before lambing.

Ever wonder what our pastured pigs look like?  Well here you go!!!

Some more pig footage.  Enjoying the last few warm days of summer.

Feeding our lambs (1st part of the video) and ewes (2nd part) some hay.  We roll it out using the bale unroller attached to the back of the tractor (seen at the end of the video), so that the animals can access it easier.  Sorry for the poor sound.  It was very windy (what a surprise!).

An amazing video created by a loyal customers.  Thanks Gavin!

A little profile of the boys on our farm. The first part of the video depicts our young home raised Berkshire boars, the second part our home raised Clun Forest rams (with a special cameo by my 3 year old niece) and the final part our home raised Galloway bulls. They don't get much pub on our website, but they are half of our grass-fed genetics and and a vital part of our farm.

Our oldest guard dog Brutus. He is a 10+ year old Great Pyrenese. He was injured a few weeks ago, but seems to on the mend.

A look at how our Galloway/Angus cattle survive the winter. Sorry for the sound. It was a typical calm Manitoba day!

Our new sheep guard dog puppies (Jan 28, 2012).  Cute!!!!!!!!

Our sheep guard dogs finally get some attention!  Bear and Tiger star in this video.  Just trying to give you an idea of how our predator control dogs spend their days (in the winter at least).  Stay tuned for a puppy update video coming soon!

An update on our sheep guard dog puppies. They are now about 5 weeks old and as you can see are pretty mobile. I'll shut up and let the cuteness speak for itself!

We have talked about all of the animals that we grow on our farm at one time or another, but have paid very little attention to our finished animals. The most important ones! So here's a little more detail on our finished beef, pork, and lamb.

Ever wonder what our animals eat in the winter. Well we feed them hay of course, but they also have access to stockpiled grass. Check out this video for a more detailed explanation.

Yes we had another litter of guard dog puppies on our farm.  Our female (Wally) had 11 (!!!!!).  Here's a look.  Updates coming soon!

An update on our sheep guard dog puppies.  They are just over a month old an growing fast!

Another update on our sheep guard dog puppies.  They are just over 3 months old!

This is what it looks like every day when we feed our sheep. And this is also what happens when you set you mitts down and the dogs take them to play.


We had 2 sheep shearers down this year to shear our sheep.  It took 5 days (they did 350 per day).  Here is a snapshot of a typical 5 minutes during that time.

Pastured pigs on McDonald Farm in 2013. Went for a walk in the pasture this past June and found a few mother pigs and their babies. Amazing what pigs can do when left to their own devices.

Here are a couple of short videos of our bottle babies this year.  The first one is of our orphan lambs.  The second one is of our orphan calf "Red".  You can also see one of our guard dogs "Snowball: (7 months).  Thanks to Kalynn Spain for shooting these.

Moving our sheep to a new stockpiled pasture in April 2014.  I think around 400 of them went through before I started filming.

This sow decided to have her piglets on the other side of the road.  I caught her bringing them back.

Our grass-fed cows circa 2019.

Our sheep flock in 360 degrees circa 2019.

Moved our sheep to a new paddock summer 2019.  A little discussion of what we look for in good sheep pastures.

A tour of our tame pastures (former grain crop land).  What we did, how we did it, why we did it, etc.

A tour of our native pastures.  What they look like, species that we find there, how we manage them, etc.

Our sheep in an October snowstorm.  We got over 2 feet of snow, but the sheep just did their thing...


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