Heritage Stone House

Written by Wayne McDonald

A Manitoba heritage home built in 1910 using native fieldstone.  The "Menarey house" is located 3 miles North and 3 miles West of Cartwright or 3 miles East of Holmfield in the northeast corner of NE 16-2-15.  It is close to the town of Cartwright and only 9 miles North of the international border.  This castle on the prairies is close to numerous lakes, golf courses, and wildlife areas.  The house has been vacant for 30 years, but is structurally sound with electricity service and a good access road.  The house is 28 feet x 36 feet with 6 bedrooms upstairs with two staircases, 3 chimneys, great room (parlour), living room, spacious kitchen, and a full sized basement.

Stone House - side view

Heritage Stone House Front View                                Heritage Stone House Side View

Henry & Elizabeth Unger - 1929 - east step of Stone House                          Menarey history (Pt 1)

Unger's harvesting barley.  Year unknown

Menarey history (Pt 2)                                                            Unger's harvesting barley. Year unknown.