Our Family

Written by Wayne McDonald

Hi, we are the McDonalds!  My name is Wayne and along with my wife Maria we own and operate McDonald Farm. My mother Lois is a retired lab and X-ray technologist and my father Jim is still involved with the farm.  My sister Kristy is a payroll analyst.

McDonald Farm has been a family owned and operated farm near Cartwright in southwestern Manitoba since 1906.  In 1992 my father Jim took a Holistic resource management course and by the year 2000 had perfected a pasture-based grass farm with animals developed to thrive and prosper on pasture.

Like most farm families we have been eating our own meat for decades, but over the last 20 years we feel that we have begun to perfect our grass-fed meat.  We also felt that, since we are so pleased with our animals and our products, we should allow everyone the same opportunity to eat healthy, eat local, and eat ethical.  Proudly from our farm to your plate.  Enjoy!

Click on the excerpts below to read more about our family history (and to see a picture of Wayne as a very young man).